I began coding in the late 2000s, typing into a textarea of vBulletin for a Nintendo fan forum. Without syntax highlighting, border-radius, or flexbox, I’d spend hours exporting assets from Photoshop and laying out content in CSS.

Type a few characters, and suddenly every button changes colors on hover. (From blue to… a slightly different blue!) I thought this was the coolest thing in the world.

I still think coding is cool.

Most of my job titles have included the word “designer”, but code is my medium and the browser is my favorite design tool. I fully believe that designing for the web means working in the medium of the web—namely, HTML and CSS. Interactive mediums deserve interactive iteration.

I love the web, but when I need to think about gnarly problems, I take my sketchbook and my pen, I find a quiet place, and I write.

For the past three years, I’ve worked as a freelance designer and developer, embedding on teams to strengthen design systems. I try to help designers learn more about code, and I try to convince engineers they have better design instincts than they think. Sometimes I succeed.

Occasionally I play piano and listen to city pop and noodle with synths. I like reading about urbanism, transit, and queer history. I’d like to have a garden one day. I’m still a Nintendo fan.

I’m currently open to new freelance or full-time work—download my resume. If you have a role that sounds like a fit, email me at hey@evadecker.com.