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A collection of components for Namesake.


ResearchProduct DesignEngineering
Streamlining the legal name change process for trans people in the U.S.
A collection of original and cover album art for different songs.

Product DesignEngineering
Cataloguing gender reversal in cover songs.

NYC Boundaries Map

ResearchProduct DesignEngineering
Mapping New York’s civic boundaries.
A collection of Commonplace components represented in Figma and in code.


StrategyResearchProduct DesignEngineering
Building a better design system for Cityblock.
Coming Soon
A preview of commenting UI used on Dropbox web.

Dropbox File Comments

ResearchProduct Design
Introducing time-coded commenting on audiovisual files.
Coming Soon
A preview of creating a collection within Dropbox Showcase.

Dropbox Showcase

Product DesignIconography
Helping creatives show their work to clients and receive feedback.
Coming Soon
Analytics and a flowchart UI for a marketing automation tool.

Dropbox Journey Builder

ResearchProduct DesignEngineering
Building an in-house solution for marketing automation.
Coming Soon


Product DesignEngineeringIllustrationIconography
Redesigning a product dashboard for simpler site search management.

Other little projects

America, My Face Is Saying Everything That You Need To Know (dot com) Composed Generative staff paper for non-linear time. Design Is A choose-your-own-adventure poem about what it means to design. HYPERSENSITIVE A looping, generative meditation on overwhelm, autism, and synesthesia. Lissajous Curve SVG Generator Create and export Lissajous Curves in SVG. Wind Waker A pixel art recreation of the water from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, using Perlin noise.