A collection of components for Namesake.


product designdevelopment
Work-in-progress design and build for a web app to help trans people navigate the (often byzantine) legal name change process.
A collection of original and cover album art for different songs.


personalproduct designdevelopment
A catalogue of gender reversal in cover songs and all its queer implications. Because a Spotify playlist got a little too big. Andrea Lawlor called it “THE COOLEST thing I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE.” Built using SvelteKit, Supabase, and the Spotify Web API.

NYC Boundaries Map

civic techproduct designdevelopment
View administrative boundaries in New York City—school districts, sanitation districts, police precincts, and more. Built with the team at BetaNYC using Svelte and Tailwind.
A collection of Commonplace components represented in Figma and in code.

Cityblock Design System

product designdevelopment
I founded Cityblock’s first UX Engineering role after coming on board as a Product Designer. Over the following 2½ years, I built and expanded a design system in Figma and React for Cityblock’s care management tool, Commons. It’s called Commonplace.
A preview of commenting UI used on Dropbox web.

Dropbox File Comments

product design
I helped design and ship improvements to Dropbox file comments on web, including annotations and time-coded commenting on audiovisual files.
A preview of creating a collection within Dropbox Showcase.

Dropbox Showcase

product design
I contributed design and iconography for Dropbox Showcase, a (now defunct) tool to help creatives show their work to clients and receive feedback.
Analytics and a flowchart UI for a marketing automation tool.

Dropbox Journey Builder

product design
I helped the Growth Platform team at Dropbox design and build a better in-house solution for marketing automation, unifying notifications across multiple channels under a configurable flowchart tool.


product designdevelopmentillustration
Swiftype is a site search and enterprise search platform. I created illustrations and iconography and helped redesign their marketing site and product dashboard.

Other little projects

America, My Face Is Saying Everything That You Need To Know (dot com) Composed Generative staff paper for non-linear time. Design Is A choose-your-own-adventure poem about what it means to design. HYPERSENSITIVE A looping, generative meditation on overwhelm, autism, and synesthesia. Wind Waker A pixel art recreation of the water from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, using Perlin noise.